Floor Cleaner, Wood & Tile


Spray cleaner onto a section of wood or tile floor

  1. Use a microfiber mop to wipe clean

  2. Repeat throughout home until floors are cleaned

Put this plant based floor cleaner to work on your wood and tile floors. Plant soap and natural minerals provide a non-toxic, biodegradable clean, leaving nothing behind but the aromatherapeutic scent of triumph. Filled with 3 oz of concentrated cleaner—just add water!

Our Roots

City Maid Green began in 2010 with the bold idea to make cities across America green—one clean house at a time. We believe in a clean full of plants and free of toxins to keep our water, air and communities thriving for the next generations. Our cleaners are thoughtfully formulated without the use of sulfates, synthetic fragrances or toxic ingredients. We work to keep things simple—and that includes making sure people can pronounce and understand each of our ingredients.


Grain Alcohol
A simple alcohol distilled from grains. Used as an antiseptic and cleanser.

Sodium Gluconate
A natural preservative. It prevents the growth of microbes in our products to keep them safe for our consumers. Contains excellent chelating properties and helps with cleaning efficacy where hard water is an issue.

Decyl Glucoside
A mild non-ionic surfactant. Plant-derived, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Essential Oil Blend
High therapeutic grade essential oils steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of plants.

Karma Citra: Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang Flower

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