Jojoba Oil


a waxy ester that is derived from the oil-rich seeds of the jojoba bush.

bottle & dropper cost: $3.00

product cost: $7.30

*this is roughly what it would cost if you were to fill the jar up at the shop

Product benefits:

  • smooth and non-greasy

  • one of our most popular oils

  • regenerative, restructuring, and toning

  • excellent for skincare, hair care, and general skin nourishment for all skin types

  • it won’t clog pores, and its regulating action is frequently helpful with acne

  • jojoba is rich in vitamin e, proteins, and minerals, and has a 100-year shelf life!

composition of jojoba oil:

eicosenoic acid 66-71%

docosenoic acid 14-20%

oleic acid 10-13%

*all bottles available for local delivery & curbside pick up but only select sizes can be shipped via fedex/ups/usps

*return the container when you order online for a refund and avoid them piling up in your home

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