Red Gate Eggs Free-Range, Large, Grade A, 12 eggs


Origin: Red Gate Grocer

All Red Gate Grocer eggs are from hens raised on a hillside next to Owasco Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Every single egg is collected, graded, and packed by Dwight Martin and his family.

• American Humane Certified
• Free-Range
• 100% Vegetarian Non – GMO feed

What does “free-range” mean? Red Gate Grocer does not believe “cage-free” is good enough. Cage-free just means the hens aren’t penned into inhumane and impossibly small spaces for their whole lives. Cage-free hens don’t go outside. Cage-free hens don’t have pasture access. Cage-free hens cannot wander around in the fresh air and sunshine and peck idly at insects when they please. Red Gate Grocer does not sell cage-free eggs. We only sell free-range eggs. And we want our customers to know the difference.

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